Cyd Helps



Cyd Manro founded Cyd Helps, LLC in 2021. Working out of Portland, Oregon, Cyd Helps does quality work you can trust.

Cyd founded Cyd helps on the principle that a community of people who help one another is freed to do their work in the world with confidence and care, making it a better place for all in which to live.

Skills and Experience

Cyd Manro has been working as a handyman since 2017. He has completed over 1,200 tasks in that time and has over 750 reviews with a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. 

His father was an engineer and his grandfather could build and repair nearly anything. Cyd has an MBA in project management.  This background taught him to be a methodical problem solver. He can look at several different projects at once and break them down into manageable steps. Then, Cyd helps his clients define their vision of success. Finally, he creatively and persistently overcomes challenges until the task is completed successfully.

Cyd has chaired the boards of the Richmond Neighborhood Association and City Repair. He founded Eco-munity, and produces the Social Impact Jam event series. He practices guitar and plays chess; he juggles, dances, and makes art.

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